Area Rug Cleaning Services And Oriental Rug Cleaning In Atlanta

Oriental rugs (sometimes referred to as Area Rugs) are stunning with their vibrant colors and intricate designs, I am sure that nobody can disagree. They are hand-crafted masterpieces made by skilled craftsmen in Asia and the Middle East. The most common material used to make these rugs is cotton yarn, however, many traditional rugs are made using silk or wool. These rugs can be so intricate in design, that it would not be unusual for a team of artists to work on making a single rug. Many people pass down these rugs from generation to generation, so preserving the value and appeal of an oriental rug can be a pretty big concern. So, as a result, many are curious as to how often these potential heirlooms should be cleaned. To answer that, we have to determine a few factors, as a rug that has seen a lot of traffic needs to be cleaned more often more than a rug that sees very little. The most common answer by many Area Rug Cleaning professionals in Atlanta tends to be about “once every 1-2 years.”

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Why should they be cleaned this often? Well, oriental rugs have a tendency to collect dirt. Depending on the thickness of the rug and the materials used, a rug can easily contain up to a pound of dirt per square foot. This dirt can quickly settle into your rug every time you walk on it and act similarly to sandpaper, scraping your rug and wearing the fibers down. It is not uncommon for a rug that hasn’t been washed in years to leave strands of fibers behind when washed. Not cleaning your rug for many years also brings the potential for pests (such as moths) and bacteria to grow and live in your rug, eating away at the fibers and damaging the rug. While vacuuming your rug once a week can certainly help, a typical home vacuum cannot get all of the dirt that settles into the rugs.

Many suggest dry cleaning, or even cleaning at home, but many of these methods not only be 
ineffective, but they also have the potential to cause even more damage to your rug over the long run. Having a professional come and clean your rug can not only get into the nooks and crannies and get out all of the dirt, but it can also bring out the vibrancy of the colors of the rug. A professional carpet cleaner will use specific equipment to dig deep into the fibers and foundation of the rugs, removing dirt, debris, and even any insects. A clean and vibrant rug can retain its high value and reduce wear and tear. The longer you wait to clean your rug, the more potential damage is being done to its foundation. There are also a few ways to prevent damage to your rug between washes, such as preventing exposure to sunlight, rotating the rug, and using a carpet pad. Sunlight exposure will degrade the dyes, making the colors fade, while rotating the rug prevents dirt from clumping in one area. However, vacuuming and damage prevention should not be used as a substitute for a professional cleaner.

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